Thursday, February 17, 2011

The CGI Trailer

             With the rapid advancement of graphics technology, computer generated imagery (CGI for short) is becoming common place. Nearly every blockbuster film being released has received a face lift via CGI effects. Games are not foreign to a CGI touch up at all, personally I remember loading up Diablo and being awe struck by the opening cinematic. Naturally however I was disappointed when I loaded my game up and it was merely a 2.5D development (I was little and did not expect different). Before the release of every MMO it is always big news when they decide to release their opening cut-scene/cinematic to masses, or in SWOTR’s case, their many CGI trailers. Obviously, over the years of playing games I understand that what I see in these trailers is not based off of gameplay, some are even kind enough to include a ‘Not Actual Gameplay’ tag when screening them. 

            Well more questions, yes I like asking questions.

            Have you ever confirmed your purchase based off a CGI trailer?

            Do you see a point in CGI?

            Do you enjoy CGI?


  1. I think CGI is a waste of resources.

  2. Haha, i am sucker for CGI intros, I bought fucking Earthrise it has a great CGI. The point is obvious it helps sell the game, the vision, and the story. Yes, i enjoy most CGI's actually kinda pissed Rift took theirs out of the start of the game. Was fun to watch.

  3. Look at the WoW trailers. Then when you play its very dated looking.

  4. CGI are nice, the intro has always been much impressive than the actual game, it's been like this for ages, so you can't avoid it.

  5. I have never bought a game because of his gci trailer
    nope :(
    nice blog man

  6. I simply just enjoy CGI for it's art, pretty much. I don't mind at all if they simply use in game graphics for a cinematic.

  7. 1) No, never.

    2) Yes. It allows the developers and screenwriters to create specific scenes or stories that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

    3) I do. I enjoy it if its telling me a story or just making explosions and laser guns. I like CGI.

  8. 1. no
    2. maybe
    3. yes

    it a mixed bag really ;)

  9. I like CGI but I agree that movies are using it too much these days.

    I have never bought a game strictly off a CGI trailer. In-game graphics are important, but for me the most important thing is gameplay.

    Great post by the way!